collapse collide.


we sure do._

raw truth.



This is it.
Details tomorrow. the air tonight.

Three days ago, I heard something new. I want to share it with you.

Everybody knows the track of Phil Collins - In the air tonight. Great hit, a track-symbol for his career. Well, does anybody knows why he wrote this track? I haven't notice the lyrics, until now.

The story says that when he was a young boy, he was with his best friend playin' happy... He went for a little while two steps further, to catch the ball or so. A moment later, an unconscious driver run over his best friend and killed him. Instead of helping him, or calling the police the driver looked around, saw noone, got in his car and drove away. Phil Collins saw him, he was there... He never forgot his face.

Years later, Phil Collins became famous etc but couldn't forget. He knew who the driver was. So, one day he sent him an invitation for his concert as a gift. Of course he didn't know what to expect. He went to the stadium to realise he was the only one invited. So... Phil Collins sang this track and it all came back to him.

Quite chilly, huh? Well, waste three minutes of your time to take a closer look to the lyrics. I was stunned.